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CINCH - Health Economics Research Center

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CINCH Academy (April 01 - April 07, 2019)

Application Deadline: February 1, 2019

CINCH Academy


The CINCH Academy 2019 – Essen Summer School in Health Economics will take place from the 1st of April to the 7th of April 2019.

Colin Cameron (University of California - Davis) is the lecturer for "Selected Topics in Microeconometrics" and Thomas G. McGuire (Harvard University) will give the lectures on "Health Plan Payment in Individual Health Insurance Markets".

The program consists of roughly 30 hours of lectures and 10 hours of paper presentations. Daniel Howdon (University of Leeds) will chair the paper presentations. They provide the opportunity for participants to receive constructive feedback on their own work.

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Call for applications for CINCH Fellowship


Application for CINCH fellowships is now open!

CINCH fellowships support short-term research stays at CINCH for researchers working in the field of health economics. The fellowship covers travel and accommodation expenses of the awardees.

Preference will be given to early career researchers who have graduated within the last five years or are close to completion of their PhD.

Please send your application to no later than 5th October, 2018.  

New CINCH Working Paper


A new working paper has been added to the CINCH working paper series: “Subjective and objective quality reporting and choice of hospital: Evidence from maternal care services in Germany” by Daniel Avdic, Tugba Büyükdurmus, Giuseppe Moscelli, Adam Pilny, and Ieva Sriubaite.

We study patient choice of healthcare provider based on both objective and subjective quality measures in the context of maternal care hospital services in Germany. Objective measures are obtained from publicly reported clinical indicators, while subjective measures are based on satisfaction scores from a large and nationwide patient survey. We merge both quality metrics to detailed hospital discharge records and quantify the additional distance expectant mothers are willing to travel to give birth in maternity clinics with higher reported quality. Our results reveal that patients are on average willing to travel between 0.7-4.2 additional kilometers for a one standard deviation increase in reported quality. Furthermore, patients respond independently to both objective and subjective quality measures, suggesting that satisfaction scores may constitute important complements to clinical indicators when choosing healthcare provider.

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