Luigi Siciliani

Luigi Siciliani is a Professor of Health Economics at the Department of Economics and Related Studies at the University of York.

He is affiliated with the Centre for Health Economics and co-directs the markets stream of the Economics of Health and Social Care Research Unit. Prior to joining the University of York in 2003, he worked at the OECD in Paris for two years to conduct the first OECD waiting times project.

He has specialized in the economics of hospitals and has published 70 articles in peer-reviewed journals. His research interests include waiting times for non-emergency treatment, hospital quality competition, contracting theory applied to health care, pay for performance and coordination between health and social care.

Richard G. Frank

Richard G. Frank, is a Professor of Health Economics in the Department of Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School.

His research is focused on the economics of mental health and substance abuse care, long term care financing policy, health care competition, implementation of health reform and disability policy.

Dr. Frank served as an editor for the Journal of Health Economics and was awarded the Georgescu-Roegen Prize from the Southern Economic Association, the Carl A. Taube Award from the American Public Health Association, and the Emily Mumford Medal from Columbia University’s Department of Psychiatry, among others. He is co-author with Sherry Glied of the book Better but Not Well (Johns Hopkins Press).