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Monday Health Economics Seminar


On Monday, July 16 2018, 14:00 - 15:30, Irene Mussio (University of Massachusetts Amherst) will present:

An (un)healthy social dilemma: using normative messaging to increase flu vaccinations

Research suggests that normative messaging can be used to increase voluntary provision of public goods. We extend the literature by examining the impact of normative messaging on a joint product: a flu vaccine. We conduct a field experiment in conjunction with University Health Services, targeting undergraduate students living on campus. The wording on the posters is varied to emphasize either the individual benefits of the vaccine, the social benefits of the vaccine or both benefits together. We find that highlighting both the individual and social benefits of vaccination has the strongest impact on vaccination turnout. Overall, the result is driven predominantly by females. This is consistent with previous literature suggesting that women are more sensitive to social cues and have stronger emotional reactions to risky situations as well as higher rates of health care usage.

Room: WST-C.02.12, Weststadttürme Berliner Platz 6-8, Essen

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