Prof. Martin Karlsson, Ph.D.

Martin Karlsson is Professor of Economics of the University of Duisburg-Essen since 2012. Before taking up his current position at the Chair of Health Economics in Essen, Martin has been working at the Technische Universität Darmstadt (2009-2012), at the University of Oslo (2009-2016) at the University of Oxford (2006-2009) and at Cass Business School in London (2005-2006). Martin received his doctoral degree from the European University Institute in 2007. Beside his work at the Chair of Health Economics, Martin is a Research Fellow of IZA, a Guest Professor at the University of Gothenburg and Director of CINCH, a national centre for research on health economics. Martin regularly organises international academic conferences on different current topics within health economics, and he participates in various international research collaborations. 

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Fields of Research

Martin’s research agenda spans a wide range of topics within health economics. His previous work has been devoted to economic aspects of long-term care, to the effect of sick pay on worker absenteeism, and to the relationship between economic inequality and health. In addition, his current work focuses on the analysis of information asymmetries in markets for private health insurance; ageing and long-term care; and the impact of early-life health interventions on later-life health and socioeconomic outcomes. Martin has published in leading journals such as the the Journal of the European Economic AssociationJournal of Health Economics, The Economic Journal, the Journal of Public Economics, and the Journal of Applied Econometrics.