Sonia Bhalotra

Sonia Bhalotra is Professor of Economics in the Department of Economics and the Institute of Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex in the UK. Sonia holds an MPhil and DPhil from Oxford and a BSc from Delhi. Her research interests lie primarily, though not exclusively, in health, gender and the political economy of public service provision. Sonia’s research investigates fertility choices, sex selective abortion, maternal mortality, the intergenerational transmission of human capital and the impact on public service health provision (and outcomes for women, children and minorities) of raising the political representation of women and minorities. She is a Research Fellow at IZA, CHILD, CSAE, QEH and HEDG and has contributed to inter alia the World Development Report on Gender and advised UNESCO on the steer of the current Global Monitoring Report on Education for All. Sonia is currently working with Martin Karlsson and Therese Nilsson in analyzing the impacts of an early twentieth century pre- and post-natal intervention on early life health, school performance, labour market outcomes and life expectancy.