Maryna Ivets, M.Sc. (RGS-awardee)

Maryna Ivets studied for her Bachelor’s degree at the Belarus State Economic University and at Hunter College (New York). She earned her Master’s at the University of Hamburg. Her Master’s thesis explored how different remuneration systems affect physician behavior (supervisor Prof. Dr. Mathias Kifmann). Maryna was a recipient of a DAAD scholarship and the winner of the New York State Economic Association undergraduate paper competition in 2012. Maryna joined RGS Econ in October 2014 and in October 2015 she joined CINCH.

Main fields of interest: Health Economics, Education Economics, Behavioral Economics, and Applied Econometrics.

    Working papers

    • Boberg-Fazlic N., Ivets M., Karlsson M., and Nilsson T. (2017) Disease and Fertility: Evidence from the 1918 Influenza Pandemic in Sweden. IZA Discussion Paper No. 10834
    • Hirt-Schierbaum L. and Ivets M.  You  Can Win by Losing! Using Self-Betting as a Commitment Device: Evidence from a Weight Loss Program (2020) Ruhr Economic Papers DP No. 881

    Work in progress

    • Providers, Peers and Patients. How Does Physician Practice Environment Affect Patient Outcomes?
      (with Daniel Avdic, Ieva Sriubaite and Bo Lagerqvist)
    • Incentivizing  Motivation and Self-Control Preferences
      (with Linda Hirt-Schierbaum)
    • The Effect of Early Childcare on Children's Non-Cognitive Development: Evidence from Germany