Winter 2018-19

Mondays Seminar Series in Health Economics


Mondays at 2 - 3.30pm

Room: WST-C.02.12, Weststadttürme Berliner Platz 6-8, Essen 

Contact: mondays-seminar (at)


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Oct 01

Parental Inputs and Child Outcomes: Evidence from a Paternity Leave Reform

Daniel Avdic (CINCH)

Nov 05

Early-Life Urban Living and Depression in Late-Adulthood

Daniel Howdon (Leeds)

Nov 12

Physician Performance Pay: Experimental Evidence

Daniel Wiesen (Cologne)

Nov 26

Subsidized Health Insurance and Healthcare Utilization: evidence from a large-scale field experiment

Raf van Gestel (Erasmus University)

Dec 03

New(spaper) Evidence on the Relationship between Business Cycles and Suicides

Christoph Kronenberg (CINCH)

Dec 10

Does Starting School Early affect Cognitive Health in the Old Age? Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Germany

Martin Fischer (University of Duisburg-Essen)

Dec 17

Financial Penalties for Readmissions in the English NHS

Søren R. Kristensen (Imperial College)

Jan 21

Sewerage Systems and the Infant Welfare Movement - Effects on Infant Mortality in Prussia

Nina Schwarz (University of Duisburg-Essen)

Jan 28

Dynamic Competition and Price Regulation when Consumers Have Inertia: Evidence from Medicare Part D
Sebastian Fleitas (KU Leuven)

Feb 04

Physician Dispensing and Drug Expenditures: Empirical Evidence from the NHS

Olivia Bodnar (DICE)

Feb 18Physicians' altruism in incentives contracts: Medicare's quality raceGalina Besstremyannaya (NES Moscow)