Sommer 2016

Gesundheitsökonomisches Seminar



16 - 18 Uhr

Raum: WST-A.08.17, Weststadttürme Berliner Platz 6-8, Essen 

Kontakt: Simon.Decker (at)


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Sommer 2016





Apr 4

Enriching Students Pays Off: Evidence from an Individualized Gifted and Talented Program in Secondary Education

Erik Plug (Amsterdam)

Apr 11

The Impact of Premium Refunds on Individual Claiming Behaviour in the German Private Health Insurance Market

Simon Decker (CINCH)

Apr 18

Disease and fertility: Evidence from the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic in Sweden

Maryna Ivets (CINCH, RGS Econ)

Apr 25

The Impact of War on Happiness: The Case of Ukraine

Maksym Obrizan (Kyiv)

Mai 2

Causes of regional variation in health care use

Ansgar Wübker (RWI)

Mai 9



Mai 16



Mai 23

Patient Choice, Market Structure and Hospital Quality for Emergency and Elective patients

Guiseppe Moscelli (York)

Mai 30

Paid parental leave reform and child development

Daniel Kuenhle (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg)

Juni 6

The Welfare Effects of Private Rooms in German Nursing Homes: A Structural Approach

Amela Saric (DICE)

Juni 13

Getting  weighed down: The effect of childhood obesity on the development of socioemotional skills

Sonja Kassenböhmer (CHE-Monash)

Juni 20

Marginal Labor Market Returns to Higher Education

Daniel Kamhöfer (UDE)

Juni 27

Working Time Regulations and Workers' Health

Jan Bietenbeck (Lund)

Juli 4

Health Care Regionalization and Birth Outcomes: Evidence from Maternity Clinic Closures

Daniel Avdic (CINCH)

Juli 11

Perceived quality and choice of health care provider: Analyzing the determinants of choice of maternity clinics for pregnant women.

Ieva Sriubaite (CINCH)