Winter 12-13

Gesundheitsökonomisches Seminar



16.00 Uhr

Raum: SE108, Schützenbahn 70, Essen 

Kontakt: Simon.Decker (at)


Winter 2012




Nov 5 Choosing between Private and Public Health Insurance in Germany: Investigating Driving Factors Christian Bünnings (CINCH)
Nov 12 Does education affect cognitive abilities?

Daniel Kamhöfer (Uni DUE)

Nov 19 The More the Healthier? Health and Family Size Hilda Ralsmark (Lund University)

Nov 26

Vertical and horizontal differentiation of hospitals: A Hotelling duopoly with increasing marginal costs of quality provision and patients that differ in preferences and health status Markus Vomhof (CINCH)
Dez 3 Do Mothers Decide? The Impact of Preferences in Health Care Jostein Grytten (University of Oslo)
Dez 10 Health & risk aversion - an empirical analysis on the effect of health shocks on self-assessed risk attitude Simon Decker (Uni DUE, RGS Econ)
Dez 17 Child care options and mothers' choice Claudia Andreella (Uni DUE)



Winter 2013





Jan 7

Cohort Size Effects on the German Labor Market Sarah Okoampah (Uni DUE, RGS Econ)

Jan 14

Qualitätsmanagement im ambulanten Sektor: Das Beispiel ambulant-sensitiver Krankenhausfälle Leonie Sundmacher (TU Berlin)

Jan 21

Per-period co-payments and the demand for health care: Evidence from survey and claims data Helmut Farbmacher (MEA)
Jan 28 Poverty and Well-Being: Longitudinal Evidence from the German SOEP Conchita d'Ambrosio (Universita’ degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca)
Feb 4
Inequity in the face of death Tom van Ourti (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Feb 11 Heterogeneous effects of a nonlinear price schedule for outpatient care Amelie Wuppermann (LMU München)